You Don’t Have the Degree Requirement? Don’t Sweat It!

So you’ve poured your heart and soul into finding the perfect position. You know, the one that will make your long job search worthwhile. Now that you’ve found it, you’ve discovered that your dream position requires one thing you don’t have – a college degree. Do you scrap your search and give up your dream job?

No way!

When a door is shut, it’s time to start sniffing around for windows.

Match Other Job Requirements as Closely as Possible

Take your time to go through the job description, point by point, and create a resume that highlights each and every skill in the description you have. The more matched points you can create, the less significant a missing degree becomes in the eyes of the employer.

Highlight Your Adaptability

There are few things employers want more than a highly adaptable employee with skills that match their needs. Show them how you’ve had to adapt and overcome in previous employment situations.

Perhaps you’ve reinvented yourself or your career through the years. Make sure it’s notable on paper so they can see how far you’ve come and how far you can still go in your career. Employers, after all, like to see that you’re trainable and prepared to evolve to fit the role you’re hired to fill as it evolves over time.

Seek Inside Help

Go through your list of contacts, staffing agents, and business connections to see if there’s anyone working on the inside who can, and will, vouch for you on a professional level. Today’s job market is more relationship-driven than any job marketplace of the past. Use the relationships you’ve built over the years to help you land the job you really want rather than settling for a job elsewhere that isn’t going to provide as much satisfaction and fulfillment.

Let Your Confidence Shine

People find confidence attractive. It’s not just in potential dates and mates. Employers find that job candidates who are confident about their skills and ability to do the job are much more attractive candidates than those who lack that inner certainty or spark. Insecurity and uncertainty in the job interview process are lethal to your chances of getting a job even if you have the degree.

Don’t allow a golden opportunity to pass you by because you’re not the “perfect” match on paper. Many employers list the skills and qualifications they believe their dream employee will have. Most of the time, they’re much more concerned with finding a match for skills and experience than education. In fact, many companies are willing to substitute practical experience in the field over former education any day of the week. All you need is the confidence to go for it. You might be surprised by the results.

Venteon offers a wide range of temporary and contract assignments that can help you get the experience you need. Very often, you may be able to circumvent the degree requirements simply by having the equivalent in job experience. Be sure to check out our jobs in Troy MI today.

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