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Cover letters are all about getting the attention of potential employers. However, with the job market in almost every industry literally saturated with applicants, how can you really knock their socks off, especially when all you have to do it with is a cover letter?

Believe it or not, your cover letter, when written the right way, is the only tool you need to really set yourself apart from the competition. Resumes start to blend together after 100 or so are received for the same position. Education, experience, these things are great, but they’re hardly the stuff dream applicants are made of.

An effectively crafted cover letter, can help you to stand out in a meaningful way, by grabbing the attention of the hiring manager. Here are a few things you can include in your cover letter that will leave them wanting to learn all there is to know about you as an applicant.

Create a Slogan that Sums You Up

Catchy little slogans don’t take a lot of time to come up with, but they really stand out in a sea of monotonous cover letters and resumes. It’s like adding a splash of vivid red in a room that’s stark white. It stands out. The one thing you want your slogan to do, though, is succinctly state the value you have to offer the employer in question.

Also keep in mind that short and sweet is what will get this job done. Make it a snappy one-liner for best effect.

Where should you put it?

Try using the line right below your name at the top of your cover letter if you want it to stand out while they’re reading your letter or add to the bottom of your cover letter as a parting note.

Remember to K.I.S.S.

You know the old adage, “keep it simple sweetie.” It’s a good idea when writing cover letters to remember this throughout the letter. Not only do you want to make your cover letter simple to read, but you also want it to tell a simple story. Don’t get so caught up in clever tricks with your cover letter that you make it too complex for the person on the other end.

Tell a Story

People like for cover letters to be clever and tell stories. Just make sure it’s a short story not a Tolstoy novel. More importantly, keep your story relevant to the job you’re applying for and the role you’d like to play within the organization. Don’t make them dig too deep to find the relevance either or they’ll simply dig into the next cover letter.

Cover letters are one of the most challenging aspects, for many people, of the job search process. However, if you take this advice to heart and apply these tips you should be able to write a cover letter that leaves you standing heads and shoulders above your competition.

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