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Whether it’s the engineering leadership in your organization or the entry-level workers delivering mail in the mailroom, getting the right people to do the job makes all the difference in the world for the success of your organization.

The right engineering management team can take the raw materials they’re given to work with and transform them into a cohesive unit that’s designed to excel.

How do you accomplish this miracle in the modern workforce?

They achieve this pinnacle by building the people that work with them. While it may sound overly simplistic, the fact is, it works. Unfortunately, there isn’t a twelve-step program for success in this endeavor. Nevertheless, there are a few important factors to keep in mind as you begin your own program designed to build up your engineering work force.

1)   Show your appreciation. Employees work hard to make your business a success. However, nearly a third of today’s employees feel unappreciated enough that they’ve actually quit jobs over it. It doesn’t cost your business any money to recognize the efforts of the people who work behind the scenes to drive your company forward and can actually save a lot of money for your business by retaining employees and reducing absenteeism as well.

2)   Be sincere. This is critical. If the appreciation and/or praise seems false of forced it will ring false to the employee and have a potentially negative impact rather than the positive experience you intended it to be.

3)   Train managers to show their appreciation as well. For some people, this is a talent that comes naturally. However, other people struggle to find the words of encouragement and appreciation that are necessary to build a better workforce. Offer training so that they’re able to do this naturally and with complete sincerity.

4)   Constructive criticism is often necessary in the workplace. Consider asking permission before offering constructive criticism and always seek to find a way to present as an educational point in order to avoid the potential for negative reactions by employees. Training management to present criticism in a positive manner is another valuable tool to help build up your employees.

5)   Recruit the best engineering staff. The success of your organization depends on the quality and experience of the people you hire to do the job. Recruit from pre-screened pools of engineering talent, from a staffing agency that specializes in sourcing engineering talent.

Building up your employees is one of the most important tools you can use to grow your business today. However, it can also be a difficult path for some business owners and management teams to follow. Make sure everyone is on the same page and working together towards the same goal in order to achieve optimal results for your efforts. The results are sure to be even better than you had imagined.

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