Hiring in Demand | Accountants

Not only is it becoming increasingly difficult to find top-quality accountants and financial candidates to meet your staffing needs, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep them.

Businesses today are becoming increasingly competitive in their efforts to recruit talented workers in the fields of finance and accounting—even resorting to lavish attempts to steal them away from their jobs at other companies and organizations. That’s why so many businesses must shift their focus from simply hiring good people to developing great people and keeping them happy in their current roles so that they aren’t tempted when the other offers start rolling in. But, how do you accomplish this critical mission?

Recognize and Appreciate Top Talent

You have plenty of employees who work hard for your day in and out; and these are the very people who deliver results on a consistent basis. They are the foundation for your business. It can’t exist without dedicated people such as these.

It doesn’t cost a lot to offer a word of thanks to acknowledge their effort and make them feel appreciated in the jobs they do for your company. However, appreciation that comes in the form of access to cutting edge technology, responsive management teams, flexible work arrangements, and a sense of balance between work and life are especially welcome by today’s financial and accounting employees.

Groom them for Bigger Roles within the Company

Get them involved in developing strong client relationships as quickly as possible. The stronger these relationships are, the greater the bond will be between your employee and the business. Teach them to be effective managers of other people. This lets them know that you believe in their management potential as well as their position within the organization.

This alone is enough to make many employees work harder to help your business succeed. They want to know you believe in them and it will earn you their loyalty for a long time to come.

Ask Your Employees What They Want

Your employees are your best source of information about what it is they want from your business to win their loyalty. For some people it’s an abstract thing like being appreciated while others have more cut and dried motivations (pay, flexible work hours, extra vacation days, company perks).

While it’s nearly impossible to please everyone with perks, you can work hard to ensure that your business is reaching the vast majority of your vital accounting and finance employees in a way that will matter most to them.

You may not be able to buy a lot of love in the business world today. But, with the right currency, you can buy a ton of loyalty and happiness for your employees. This ability will be instrumental in helping you to recruit and retain top talent in the high-demand fields of accounting and finance. For support with your staffing needs in Michigan and Minnesota, look to the support of Venteon for top performing accounting and finance candidates.

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