The 6 Habits of Irreplaceable IT Pros | Michigan

Being an information technology (IT) professional today takes more than just a pair of hipster glasses, a fascination for video games, and long hours at the office. It takes skill, practice and a proactive attitude to be the best IT professional and it’s these attributes that can make you indispensable in terms of your career goals. Whether you are looking for an IT career, or just trying to prevent losing your job, here are the 6 ways you can become a top IT pro.

Behaviors of Top Information Technology Professionals

There are certain habits that the leading IT professionals have that you can begin to develop now in order to achieve more in your career, and become a critical part of any team.

  1. Working Efficiently on Projects – The business world thrives on competent IT professionals working on a variety of projects simultaneously. To be able to do this well one must be efficient to keep costs down for a positive return on investment. Therefore, it is up to you as an IT pro to work as efficiently as possible by taking advantage of project and time management tools.
  2. Understanding the Business Trends – To last in IT, it’s more important than you may think to fully understand your industry and the objectives of your company well. This can help you to understand what make the executive team “tick” and how to stay in touch with what’s happening in your market so you can have more job security.
  3. Being a Specialist in Your Field – It’s one thing to be good at the basics of IT, but it’s another to be considered an expert in your particular niche. By working on becoming a specialist, you will elevate yourself to a higher level of value, making it harder for an employer to let you go during future cutbacks.
  4. Maintaining Current Skillset – The IT world changes at breakneck pace, with new developments, upgrades, and advances in technology all the time. There’s no other career like Information Technology where you will be required to stay current with your skills, or you will become obsolete like last year’s software.
  5. Team Player – Being an IT pro means having the ability to work alongside all different types of people with varying skills and interests. Sometimes this can be a challenge as you may be prone to take on too many things on your plate, making you less effective in your job. Instead, learn the fine art of being a team player and letting others pick up the slack.
  6. Excellent Communicator – When one thinks of IT, being able to communicate well does not immediately come to mind. Yet, it is this skill that makes IT pros indispensable to a company. When an IT person can communicate complex processes and technical information to others in a way they can understand it better, they are considered to be masters in their fields.

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