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For the IT candidate, technology is a very important component of his or her future. Staying up to date with the latest software and methods of communication is essential, but there is more to it than that. In fact, technology as it relates to transportation is a growing industry and it may be just the place to put your education if you want to enter into this field. For job candidates, it is also the place to look for new career options. How is technology playing a role in transportation, then?

Consider the Skies

There’s nothing at all interesting about flying these days. From the invasive screening processes to just get on board to the limitations most planes have to allow passengers to communicate with the world below, it’s not an easy process. Some airlines are finding ways to use technology to improve the way people feel about the process.

For example, one airline is not adding iPads to the pockets in front of you, so you have something interesting to do while you are in flight. They come with movies and games, not to mention music and even television shows. Some customers may even have access to them without any cost. Interestingly, this also saves on fuel costs since this entertainment option is far less expensive than traditional products.

Improving Trains and Subways

Even if you do not like in a subway town, you know of the dreaded processes required to navigate one. In fact, most people would do anything not to travel by train if they could avoid it. Some companies, like Amtrak, are trying to find ways to change this. On board systems including Wi-Fi are making them a better option, for example, than trying to navigate home by care. With upscale entertainment options available, too, there’s an increase in demand.

By Road, Too

For those going by road, consider a new opportunity in the road train. This method focuses on having one large van or truck at the head followed by numerous other cars behind it, following very closely. The cars are programmed to follow the first truck’s every move. This cuts down on fuel costs while also ensuring everyone in the train is able to do as they wish since the driver doesn’t even have to drive.

Technology in transportation is growing and changing the way people do things. It is, without a doubt, a growing industry that is likely to keep growing for years to come. To keep up, your business needs good people who are familiar with this industry and what’s to come. That’s why you need Venteon for IT and technical staffing support and candidate screening to make sure you hire the best.

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