Creating a Relevant Resume – It’s Not What You Think

If you are struggling to land a job currently, it may not be you at all; it’s likely your resume. Hiring managers review literally hundreds of thousands of resumes every year, and it’s the resumes that are well designed and relevant to the job that get positive attention, while the rest end up in the trash. Therefore, it’s up to you to make sure your resume is appropriate for the types of assignments you are applying for.

A Resume That Gets Results  

Take a moment to look over the kinds of jobs you are targeting and compare them to your resume. Look at the informative words used in the job advertisement, which should closely match what the actual job description is. This is the information that a recruiter will be looking for as he matches your skills to the assignment needs.

Designing a Functional Resume

You may also want to get away from the use of traditional chronological resume formats and go with a more functional resume that highlights your actual achievements. This can put your skills and credentials at the forefront of your resume, which helps hiring managers to find out more about you right away. This can be a useful way to display your talents, and more information can be obtained during the interview process.

Online Resumes Support Your Abilities

Consider developing an online resume that allows you to share your relevant skills and access to your work portfolio instantly. Your regular resume can include a link to an expanded resume that is placed behind a password to protect your personal information on the Internet. Make sure the resume lists all your job history and includes links to any published work completed over the course of your career.

Include the experiences you have had in your career, such as committees you have served on, projects you’ve completed, and community service you’ve been a part of. These are the kinds of things that recruiters look for when evaluating a potential new hire. Going beyond just the nine-to-five experience, demonstrating your true talents and passions are what can help you rise above your dull resume.

It’s challenging to get in front of the right recruiters, let alone get an interview in today’s market, but it is possible by following the above advice on resume development. You can get a head start on your job hunt by visiting the Venteon career opportunities board today. Consider reviewing the job descriptions and gearing your resume to the jobs you are qualified for, so that it’s relevant to your abilities.

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