Getting Things Done – Project Management in Engineering

In the engineering sector, having the ability to manage projects well to get things done is what counts. When the pressure is on to accomplish a project deliverable, there can be bumps in the road that can challenge even the best of project managers. Engineering of any form is not for the faint of heart, especially in an agile project management environment.

Here are some obstacles you may face and how to overcome them for project management success.

Scope Creep

Perhaps one of the biggest challenged for engineers involved in project management is when the scope of work begins to unravel into an uncontrolled series of changes and additions – also known as scope creep. This can occur at any stage of a project, but it must be carefully managed with a system for tracking requests for changes and an approval process before work can be modified.

Poor Team Communication

If a project team does not communicate well, any project can fail. That’s why it’s important to have an internal project management system where notes and appropriate dialogue can take place, as well as regularly scheduled project meetings. Clear and respectful communication should be your goal.

Underestimating Time and Materials

Before launching into any project, whether it’s new or a modified scope of work, be sure to get an accurate picture of the resources you will need to get it done on time. This includes time and materials, as well as the technical personnel who have the right skills to work on each element of the project. By planning these aspects carefully upfront, your business can be more profitable.

Bureaucratic Red Tape

Nothing reduces a project to chaos more so than a bunch of red tape brought on by too much corporate control and interference. While not all of this can be avoided, the vast majority of it can be handled by having a capable project manager at the helm. In this way, there are less people trying to manage a project, when one esteemed PM is in charge.

Lack of Knowledgeable Staff

Not having project managers and engineering staff who know what they are doing can destroy even the most innovative of projects. Taking the time to recruit and hire the best team members can ensure project success for the long term. It’s advisable to do this as early as possible in the project cycle.

The best engineering projects are managed by successful teams working together and working towards a common goal. By working out the above issues, your current and future projects can be more streamlined. Using a staffing agency, like Venteon, can help your business line up the right candidates for each project, based on their unique skill sets and project experience.

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