The IT Model of the Future – What it Means for Careers in IT

Historically, Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries and continues to evolve with every new advancement. However, with this rapid evolution, the IT model also often changes. This filters down into many areas of IT, including the types and availability of IT careers. While traditionally IT has been focused on software as a service model (SaaS) it is now starting to shift into an IT model of integration as a service (IaaS) as more technology firms merge to offer more to customers.

Making the Shift in IT

This shift to an integrated IT model comes about as a number of organizations look for ways to save money on their technology needs. Across all industries, companies are noting the availability of outsourced services such as testing, cloud servers, and self-service product development. This reduces the need for in-house IT staff and expensive custom development teams.

Adoption of third-party IT solutions has spurned many mid-sized technology companies to form partnerships with previous competitors in order to adhere to this model. This can help to reduce costs and speed up administration for multiple products from one convenient source. Customers, especially those at the enterprise level, respond well to this method of managing their technology concerns.

IT Market Trends and the Job Seeker

Trends in the IT market in relation to careers seem to be signaling to IT professionals that they need to diversify their skill sets in order to compete with new college grads and overseas providers. By adapting to a more outsourced model, IT pros are able to maintain their skills through continual learning and industry certification. While there will always be room for IT specialists, the goal is to become valued as a true team player and capable of wearing many hats.

Business Driven IT Sector

Additionally, the IT model is continuing to shift towards more business-driven campaigns, aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs. There has been a renaissance of sorts as many professionals have turned to running their own enterprises rather than submit to low paying, unfulfilling jobs in Corporate American where layoffs are a way of life. Therefore, IT companies need to be able to produce low cost, high value products and services to this growing sector.

As we head into the future, the IT model will consistently grow and change as new developments take place. With the right support, any IT firm can take advantage of the highly skilled contract workforce to expand into previously uncharted territory. A contract IT staffing agency like Venton can provide the skilled IT staffers needed for temporary and long term technology projects.

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