Avoiding Getting an Award for These Accounting Finance Resume Mistakes

Accountants and accounting job applicants, listen up. There is no doubt that your resume is an important part of your application. In fact, it is one of the first tools and impressions of you that the hiring manager has. Yet, and here is what is most important to know, most people make mistakes on their resume that are costing them the job they desire the most! If your hiring manger finds problems with your resume – you are out in round one.

What Are the Big Ones?

Are you making mistakes on your resume? Many accounting and finance candidates commonly make the following mistakes.

  • Are you including too much information about your life? Let us face it – time is money. No one wants to know your personal details. Include your personal information only as it relates to the position. If they want to know more about your desires, affiliations, kids or even your pets, they will ask.
  • Are you including a photo in your resume? In the accounting and finance industry, a headshot in your resume or in your correspondence does not make sense. Unless you are applying for a Miss America competition or you are going with a modeling gig, there is no need to include this.
  • What you did when you were a teenager is unlikely to fit into the mold either. If you are younger and you have experience working in management duties when you were 18 that may fit into your application. In other cases, such as your time working at the burger joint down the street, does not fit. Leave it out.
  • Are you asking for money in your job application? Does your resume imply that you are demanding a certain salary? Unless they specifically ask for this information, do not include it. You do not want it to keep you from getting a job if it is too high or too low.
  • Do not lie, either. Not only is it often obvious, it is the fastest way to get knocked out of the round of potential interviews. Do not lie about when you worked for companies, how long you worked there or what your responsibilities really included.

What else shouldn’t you do on your resume? Do not make overly verbose statements. Do not lie about being fired from a position. Do not provide confidential information from potential competitors. You also do not want even to include an objective statement any longer. It just is not necessary. To increase your chances of landing the job right for you, focus instead on creating an impressive resume packed full of useful information.

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