Information Session Interviews – Advice for Candidates and Hiring Managers

Information Session Interviews

No matter if you are a candidate or a hiring manager, information sessions are the perfect time to get a feeling about the person sitting across from you. Today, where there are so many “what ifs” in the job market and the candidate pool, you must use every bit of information and resource available to you to make the right decisions.

What Is an Information Session Interview?

If you do not have any prospects to interview or you are unsure if you should apply for a position, consider an information session as the tool you need to gather information. This is the perfect way to learn something and it can be a great networking tool, too. Using an information session like this is a simple and straightforward way of getting a bit father ahead in the hiring process.

How to Make It Worth Your While

Now that you know what an informational session is, the second step in the process is to incorporate a few tips to the process. It is possible that in doing so, you will quickly learn more than you thought you could.

  • Ensure you are pushing the right people. Do not waste your time on individuals or employers who are unwilling to meet and engage in such a sharing session.
  • Know why you are having this session in the first place. Set some goals for yourself. For example, as a job seeker, you want to drop hints about your skills while also learning about the company’s opportunities. As an employer, you want to feel out the candidate to learn if he or she is good enough for an interview.
  • Make a human connection. You need to make enough of an impression on this person to get more information and to get them to contact you again. This means shaking handles, making eye contact, answering questions, and standing out (in a positive way) in the crowd.
  • Get referrals as a part of the process. To do this, be sure to ask the prospective hiring manager about others they could talk to about potential positions. You should always be looking for new links and network connections to keep expanding your optio
  • Use time but mind the time, too. In other words, if you have asked for 15 minutes from the hiring manager, respect that request and do not try to take 20 minutes to prove yourself. In short, you need to do as you promise and keep your commitment.

Information sessions are great tools for pulling more information. Do not put off using them to boost your network and to get your feelers out. Whatever you do, use them wisely because they can make or break your chances of a connection.

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