The Grief Caused by File-Sharing in Information Management

IT departments have far more on their hands to manage today than in the past. With workforce mobility and cloud-based file sharing becoming more of a demand by employees than ever, IT professionals need to be on their toes. What is worse is that IT administrators are unable to police the use of these tools within many organizations.

File Sharing Programs Can Make Information Management Difficult

Filing sharing programs are some of the most difficult tools that employees in most of today’s organizations are using. However, there is risk in doing so. This is especially true of the 66 percent of individuals who use a free version of the program. In doing so, they potentially expose employee files, documents and information. In fact, file sharing platforms are readily used in employee situations where the IT department does not even know about it. This puts corporate assets at risk including sensitive information and intellectual rights on the line.

Consider the risk of employee files being exposed over such an environment. Not only does this  jeopardize sensitive company data but it is also a potential identity risk for the employee. Yet, many employees using file sharing programs have no idea how much risk is present.

Programs Are Essential

Employers may be tempted simply to turn off access to such programs. However, mobile workforce, for example, is an essential program. 88 percent of employees are reporting that they need to have access to their work outside the office. In fact, 100 percent of legal workers responded to a surveys (released by SkyDox) that the needed this access. 97 percent of marketing departments and 92 percent of finance departments noted this need as well.

Educating Workers about the Risks

Many companies are taking the process in a more serious manner and educating their employees about the risks of using such systems. While they are not saying no to using them, they are limiting the type of documents and files shared in an effort to protect vitally important information.

IT professionals continue to be tasked to find a way to protect businesses from potential exposure, a task that is not easy to do. Yet, there is little doubt that employees will continue to turn to these programs because of their sheer effectiveness. Coming out of the cloud and turning work off when you leave the office is not like to be something to happen any time soon. IT professionals just need to educate and find a way further to protect company systems.

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