Miss Out on Another Promotion? How to (tactfully) find out why

In today’s business world, career promotions can be hard to come by. But when you are passed over for promotion repeatedly while your co-workers move up the ladder, it can be downright devastating. However, understanding why you did not get another promotion can help you to improve your value so that the next time, you won’t miss out.

Why didn’t you get the promotion?

To understand better what steps you should take to secure the next promotion offered; first you must tactfully get to the bottom of why you were passed over this time. Take a look at those who did get promotions, and the efforts that they made to achieve this honor. Maybe it was accepting new assignments or challenging projects. It could be taking the initiative to lead a team or get more training in a specialty area.

Being able to stand out in the workplace means not sitting by the sidelines while others shine. Take steps to call more attention to the work you perform, the new ideas you develop, and how you can demonstrate your commitment to the company objectives.

Tips to earn the next promotion

Schedule a one-to-one meeting with your immediate supervisor to review your performance and address any issues that you may have with meeting work goals or other expectations. Come up with a plan of action that can help you achieve career progression for your given role.

Review the descriptions of the jobs you are interested in being promoted to in the future. Do you meet all or some of the requirements, skills, and attributes? Perhaps it’s time for you to evaluate your current level of knowledge and obtain some more training outside of your workplace.

Consider the networks you have established both at work and in your industry. While it may seem obvious that the people who get promotions are generally those who are “popular” at work, you don’t have to limit yourself to your worksite to earn the right attention. Join industry associations, get involved with community activities, and expand your social networks.

Bring evidence in your next review of why you are worthy of a promotion. During the year, gather your notes on special projects or initiatives you took and what you achieved. Show this to your supervisor to demonstrate your value to the company. Then ask what you can do to get promoted in the near future.

Career success is something you need to take responsibility for, not wait around for someone else to do for you. By being proactive with your career growth, you can easily be considered for the next promotion and advance up the career ladder. Look for more career tips and new opportunities at Venteon.

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