Skills that Every CIO Wants Their Employees to Have

As an IT hiring manager, it is important to know what skills employees have to have. These types of skills enable them to do their job. You should Look beyond that, though. What skills does every CIO want the employees to possess? It is more than just having the basics. Even entry-level managers need to look for some skills that will ultimately define if the employee is hirable and worth investing time and money.

#1 – The Ability to Solve a Problem

Problem solving is one of the most important skills for any IT professional. They need to be able to manage the company’s current setup, find problems, and solve any situations that arise. In addition, they need to do all of this fast. Reconciling problems needs to be a big focus of their job skill set.

#2 – Good Ethics

The world today seems to be focused on unethical behavior. Yet, any CIO will say that they want the exact opposite from the people they hire. They want young IT professionals to be honest, rule-following professionals who can add to the business’s strengths without bringing in conflicts. This also means they need to be tolerant enough to work with a wide range of cultures.

#3 – Communication Skills Are a Must

Communication remains the center point when it comes to being successful on the job. It is no wonder that so many business owners expect incoming professionals to have good communication skills both in writing and orally. Whether it is presenting an oral presentation or just documenting occurrences on a thorough report having the ability effectively to communicate is an important sticking point for anyone brought into the workplace.

#4: Be a Team Player

It sounds so common anymore to say this but it is still one of the most desirable qualities in an individual brought into a company. They need to be able to share information, work with others to achieve objectives and integrate into a diverse environment. IT professionals must be fundamentally good collaborators to do their job effectively and to accomplish the goals of the department.

#5: Understand the Business

IT professionals often need to leverage the needs of the business with the bottom line. In other words, they need to be able to keep the business up to date in technology, monitor the industry and educate the employer on what steps it needs to take to maintain and grow. At the same time, the IT professional needs to have the means to know when investing is a good idea and is truly worth it to the company.

Focusing on the big picture, CIOs expect IT professionals brought into their business to work seamlessly to accomplish the goals of the company. They do not want someone that is going to struggle to fit in. Hiring managers in this field need to focus on the qualities of these professionals beyond just their skillet to ensure they are worth the hire.

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