Getting More from Your Accounting Department – How to Motivate Your Employees and Increase Productivity

Believe it or not, the right software package can do a lot to increase productivity in your accounting department. In fact, the one-two combination of a time clock coupled with time attendance software can get your staff motivated in more ways than you’ve probably ever thought possible. There are a lot of reasons this is true. Here are a few you might want to keep in mind as you brainstorm new ways to motivate your staff. Just remember that this software might feel like a stick and it only works if you dangle a few carrots (rewards, bonuses, etc.) in front of your workers to really get the most from the software solution.

1)   Tracking. Many companies have very relaxed policies about starting the time and staying in an “on the clock” mentality. It’s part of the problem that many companies that hire salaried rather than hourly employees face. A lot of time is wasted around the water cooler or simply getting set up for the day. If you had your employees punch a time card or “clock in” immediately before going to work for the day and held them accountable for their time on the clock you’d be surprised how much more productive they would be. Not just because they’re being monitored, but because they are more aware of where their time is being spent (and wasted) throughout the day.

2)   Productivity. There are actually two reasons employees are more productive in this situation. First, as mentioned above, they are more aware of their time. Second, they are aware that their time and accomplishments are being monitored. It’s a powerful combination. Employees, in general, want to be viewed as assets to the business. They want to seem indispensible. They are going to do their best to impress by providing top-notch results day in and day out.

3)   Focus. The bottom line is that this software combination will have employees putting in a more determined and focused effort for a longer, sustained period of time in each and every work day. It will make a massive difference in the overall productivity of each and every employee in the company—especially in combination with the tracking software and reports that will be used to help evaluate employees.

4)   Morale. While this might not be the first improvement that comes to mind, it’s usually a significant one that’s definitely worth mentioning. Employee morale gets a huge boost when those who are working hard are finally recognized for their contributions and those who are milking the system or treading water are also revealed by the tracking software.

If the time has come to make changes in the way your business runs—for the sake of improved productivity and/or morale—this is one method you might want to take a nice long look into.

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