Mobile Apps Tailored for Today’s Engineers

The job search today is unlike any other throughout history. The technology job seekers, particularly engineers, have many apps at their disposal. When you think about it, the average mobile phone has more processing power than the first rocket we launched into space. One thing is certain. If you, as an employer, want to attract top engineering applicants for your open positions, you need to make sure the word about your job openings is getting out to where the applicants are. These mobile apps are a great start.

Mobile Engineer Job Boards

It’s great if you have one for your company or business. However, those are largely for the applicants who are already coming to you. If you really want to cast a larger net so you can reel in top talent from the engineering pool then you need to make sure your positions are listed on mobile apps for the most popular Internet job search boards and with your engineering staffing agency.

The broader your exposure on these job boards the wider range of potential engineers you’ll bring into your pool. Just remember that they are checking you out just as thoroughly as you plan to check out the people you bring into the fold and create your job listings with that thought in mind.

Social Networking Apps

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the main online sites for social networking. They also all happen to have apps for mobile devices geared toward professionals like engineers. Of the “big three,” LinkedIn is often the most professional and effective for the job search process. It’s also the most heavily relied upon by many engineers hoping to learn more about potential employers.

If you’re not putting the word out about vacancies and openings in your company on these networks and through these apps then you’re missing out on a few potentially extraordinary applicants. Word of mouth has traditionally been the best way to find exceptional talent when positions are available. The World Wide Web makes the old “word of mouth” method seem pale and lifeless by comparison.

Virtual Business Card Apps

There are quite a few options for engineers, and others, when it comes to virtual business cards. The more you have available to you the better if you want to reach out to the widest range of potential applicants.

Some of the most popular choices are: beamMe, SnapDat, Handshake, MyCardFree, and Fliq. The basics of all of them include sharing information with other mobile device users quickly and easily. It works much like the old exchanging of business cards without the pocket clutter and waste of trees.

Technology has brought about a world of change in the job search process for employers and employees alike. Make sure you’re business is in a position to take advantage of these changes as they apply to you and the people you want to bring into the fold.

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