How to Be the Candidate Employers Love

It’s not always easy to figure out exactly what it is employers are looking for in job candidates. You may have a hard time deciding how to approach the resume, cover letter, application, and interview aspects for various jobs. There are so many variables and it’s hard to guess what everyone is looking for. There are, however, a few traits that most employers look for across the board. Displaying these traits and characteristics can give you a huge edge over other people competing for the same position.

Do Your Homework About the Company

The more you know, the better it will come across in the interview process. In other words, you need to do a little more than hit the Google highlights. You need to know who they are as a company, what kind of products they make or services they provide, and it helps if you know a little about current deals or prospects the company is facing (and how you fit into the big picture to help the company move forward).

What interviewers really like to hear from prospects is that you see a place for yourself within the organization and are confident that your skills and talents can be of use to the company.

Don’t Apply for Jobs You don’t have the Skills or Experience to Do

No one likes having their time wasted. If you don’t have the skills required to do the job, there’s no reason to apply. More importantly, it shows that you’re the type of person who does place a value on time. In a world where time really is money, that particular work ethic is one that measures up well against a wide range of potential flaws. Save your applications and resumes for the jobs you’re truly qualified to do.

Pay Attention to Details

If you’re really hoping to be the candidate that employers want to hire then you’re going to have to start by paying attention to the details in your cover letter, resume, and even the clothes you wear for the interview. Details matter in the business world and paying proper attention to them can get you the job you want over candidates that may appear to be better qualified on paper.

Be Confident—and Let it Show

Confidence is a winning trait in job applicants everywhere. You need to let your confidence that you can not only do the job but also be an asset to the company as a whole, shine at every turn. From your cover letter to your interview and “Thank You” note; calm and quiet confidence is a real winner to have on your side.

Getting the job really isn’t all about having the right connections. It also isn’t all about wow factor in the interview process. If you really want to “wow” potential employers, show them the reasons why you’re the best choice for the job while letting them know that you value your own time—and theirs. Take the initiative and be the candidate you know they want to hire.

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