Unique Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring for a Financial Position

As a whole, seasoned accounting and financial candidates can be difficult to find. This is for several reasons including the many specialty areas that fall under the accounting umbrella, the low rate of turnover in finance, and the competition from large accounting firms. However, with a creative approach, you can select suitable candidates for placement in high performing accounting and finance assignments.

Here are some unique interview questions to ask when hiring for financial positions.

How would you describe the role of finance in (specific industry)? A candidate should have a fairly good idea of his or her role within the particular industry that work is sought out. Since each industry has specific guidelines and duties designated to financial professionals, this may vary by assignment. Find out what these specifications are, and make sure the candidate has a thorough understanding of what the role entails.

What financial instruments are used for data analysis? There are a great many tools used by finance professionals in their daily work tasks. From accounting software to detailed processes, a finance candidate should have a solid grasp of all the financial instruments to be used to calculate and analyze financial data. Listen for clues that he or she understands the principles of financial management.

Can you explain what a SOX audit is? Every finance and accounting professional should be familiar with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, including the responsibilities and standards this placed on all financial professionals. Make sure your candidate can explain what SOX is and the basics of an audit.

How do your financial credentials/training relate to this assignment? While it may seem a little direct, this is a critical question to ask during an interview because not all financial backgrounds equate to the right fit for a particular assignment. Ask the candidate to provide a reason why the credentials and training he or she has can relate to the job itself.

Can you give an example of a time your knowledge affected the bottom line of your former employer? Sometimes financial staff do not realize how their work affects the organization as a whole. If they do, then they have a better grasp on their abilities and skills that can enhance a company’ growth. Find out where your candidate stands by asking for clear examples.

Where do you see finance and accounting technology going in the near future? This may seem like an odd question to ask a candidate, but it provides insight into the candidate’s long-term career goals. A candidate who is well-versed about accounting technology is generally more passionate about this industry, and therefore wants to stay up to date.

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