Test Before You Buy: Why Use a Contractor Before Hiring Full Time

Hiring the right person to get the job done is a difficult task, whether there is talk of candidate shortages in this field or you just have a critical position to fill.  That’s why so many companies have turned to the practice of hiring short-term contractors before offering them full-time positions. Yet some companies are still reluctant to take this approach.

Here are a few real benefits to this employment practice you might want to keep in mind as you make hiring decisions in the coming year.

The Interview Factor

Some people talk the talk, but cannot deliver when it comes down to the wire. There are many candidates out there who know the right things to say in the interview to get the job, but never seem to make good on that talk when it’s time to roll up their sleeves and do the jobs they’ve been hired to do.

On the other hand, there are plenty of excellent candidates who lack the “people” skills to get the good positions, but are extraordinarily talented in their fields. These people rarely get the opportunity to show off their talents without some serious plugs from professors and former employers who are familiar with their work. Some HR professionals will go for the people person every time without giving the talented candidate a second chance. This may be because they believe a good interview means better skills – a biased approach to hiring.

Hiring a contractor on a trial basis gives the organization as a whole the opportunity to see who has more to offer the company down the stretch. It also allows the management team to determine what candidate will actually perform when project deadlines approach.

Save Money While Testing the Waters

In this economy, every dollar the company can save is important. When hiring contractors, most companies save a great deal of money and resources by not offering benefit packages to the contractors. Companies may choose to pocket the savings or attempt to hire a larger number of contractors for greater productivity while making last-minute decisions about which contractors fit in with the organization. Others like the idea of a replacement guarantee when a contractor does not meet expectations.

An added benefit is the competition factor. When people know they must perform well in order to get the job and that there are other contractors vying for the same position within the company, there is added incentive to perform better. They’ll work harder to show off their talent and abilities more so than even the average new hire who is eager to show off his or her skills.

At the end of the day, companies have much to gain by offering contractor positions and then hiring the cream of the crop. Whether it’s getting the right person to do the job, saving money at a critical time, or some combination of the two, hiring contractors has a lot to offer your organization.

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