Tips for Using a Personal Blog to Snag a Job

It’s more important today than ever before to think outside the box to find a job. One great way to showcase your talents and industry knowledge, while also getting your name established as an authority in your field, is to create a personal blog. Here are a few great tips that will help you get the most bang for your buck from your blog.

1)   Avoid getting too personal. The more professional you make your blog the better it will serve you in your job search efforts. Your personal blog doesn’t have to be strictly professional, but you don’t want it to be a blow by blow of your personal life in all its gory details either. Remember that the goal is for potential employers to read your blog and decide that you’re an employable individual they’d love to have on their teams.

2)   Let your skill, talent, technique, and enthusiasm in your field show in your blog posts. This is an opportunity to let any and every potential employer see what you have to offer his or her company, before you even send in a resume. Let them have it.

3)   Keep things positive. This isn’t the place to air out dirty laundry or spill secrets about your former employers. You want your blog to be as positive as possible. People don’t want to employ those who carry grudges, and they don’t want to work with people who are always negative. If you don’t have a sunny disposition by nature, fake it on your blog until you find, quite by accident, that you’ve suddenly adopted one of your very own.

4)   Let your life shine through too. Oddly enough, companies today want to hire real people who have real lives and who aren’t going to be all-work-and-no- play individuals. Mention your family. Talk about hobbies and interests. Let your blog chronicle not only what you have to offer on a professional level to potential employers, but on a personal level as well.

5)   Build networks with your blog. Your blog is not only a chance to show your stuff to potential employers, but also to network with other leaders in your industry. There are quite a few benefits you can enjoy by using your personal blog to get a job. One of those benefits is the research you’ll do for the sake of your blog and the knowledge you’ll gain as a result. Share this knowledge with your audience and they’ll remember your name when new jobs come up.

You don’t have to move heaven and earth to use your personal blog to help you get the job you’ve always wanted. But you do have to follow a few simple rules, like the rules mentioned here, to make it happen.  To propel your job search forward, be sure to consider the advantages of working directly with Venteon’s team of recruiters to land a job sooner.

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