Finding the Best Accounting and Finance Recruits

The best accounting recruits can step into the job, get some basic experience with the company and go on to help impress your business associates. Finding them is the hard part. As a business owner or HR professional, it is important to look for the right person for the job based on who the person is. That is more than just what their resume has to say, though.

When it comes to locating skilled professionals who can step in and do a great job, it takes some time to find the right person.

What Do You Need to Find the Right Accounting Recruits?

The first step in the search for the best accounting recruits begins with a focus on what and who you need. What services, skills and training does the person need to have to do the job? Look beyond actual skills taught in a school and ask what this person needs to have at a deeper level. For example, does he or she need to be a self-motivated individual who can step in and offer suggestions to make improvements? Does this person need to work on a large team and therefore have the frame of mind to be a team member? Once you define the qualities you are looking for in a recruit, the next step is to find them.

Two Recruitment Options

You have two main options when it comes to finding an accounting recruit for your business. The first one may seem like the easier option. For those who are less picky and willing to roll the dice when it comes to whether or not the individual will stay with the company long term, simply interview a qualified candidate and give them the job. If it does not go well, out the door they will go. You will need to spend some time working with this person and interviewing a number of candidates, and there are certain liabilities that come with a direct hire (such as unemployment benefits and the cost and time of training).

The second option is oftentimes better because it can save you on the cost of putting someone on your payroll that is just not a good fit. Use a staffing agency to help you find the right person. These professionals are trained and vetted for you. You can simply give them a try and if they do not work out, you can move on without any investment. With a staffing company, you already know the person’s background is in order, too. This makes the job of finding the right professional easy. Once you find the right person, you can bring them on full time.

The best accounting recruits are not those who are working for your competition. Rather, it is the individual who is working at the staffing agency trying his or her best to get a foot in the door. These are often driven individuals willing to do the work to prove they are worth their keep.

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