Hottest Accounting and Finance Job Skills for 2012

Things are looking up for the finance and accounting career market, which is great news for the hundreds of candidates out there seeking work in this challenging field. The US Department of Labor projects that the accounting and finance field is expected to grow at an above average rate of 17.3 percent between now and 2020. There will be opportunities for accounting and financial professionals to work in many different industries, because these roles demand expert skills in financials and technology.

Here are the hottest accounting and finance job skills for 2012, that you can start working on to put yourself in the best possible position to land one of these jobs.

Financial Technology – The finance and accounting professionals of today are those who have experience using and developing new technology in this arena. There is a huge push by many businesses to streamline processes like taxes, payroll, vendor management and more. To become a preferred candidate, get involved in IT finance initiatives and learn all you can about financial software.

Presentation Ability – Gone are the days when financial pros hide behind office doors and cubicles. The most in demand accounting and financial candidates are those who are comfortable presenting complex topics to staff and clients alike. Get to know your subject area as well as you can, because you can expect to be doing this soon in a new job.

Forensic and Financial Legals – The financial market has changed drastically over the last few years, with much more regulation and compliance to consider. This is due to consumer and governmental scrutiny over financial schemes. Get to know all the financial legislation and updates such as the Dodd-Frank banking legislation, especially if you want to work in the banking industry.

Financial Planning – As more baby boomers age out of jobs, retirement and financial planning will lead the finance and accounting market. Be ready by familiarizing yourself as much as possible in this market, and learn sales techniques to land a great job as a financial planner for the next generation of retirees.

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