2012 Hiring Predictions for the Information Technology Market

Twenty twelve is looking to be another groundbreaking year for the Information Technology Market in terms of career opportunities. IT continues to be one of the fastest growing industries around the world, due to a demanding consumer market consuming technology at an ever increasing rate. Most recent figures in the USA show that from 2008 to 2018, the number of jobs in the IT sector is expected to explode at an astounding 53 percent. That means many more high-paying jobs with plenty of perks with employers who are searching for the best specialists in IT.

Here are some notable hiring trends we are seeing in the IT job market already.

Demand for IT professionals with specialized skills. As the technology market expands into new territories, we will continue to see a big demand for professionals who have specialized skills, training and product certifications. For candidates who want to leverage themselves for advanced opportunities and higher pay scales, it’s beneficial to go on to get relevant training through contract assignments, education, and internships.

More freelance and contract IT assignments. The world of technology is growing so fast, there are not enough people to handle all the projects that are created. As a result, there are many companies turning to IT recruitment firms, like Venteon, to find quality candidates who are willing to jump in to existing work in progress. This often means temporary contract assignments and freelance work galore.

On-the-job perks and fun work environments. One of the great things we are seeing within the IT market is the trend towards more on-site perks at technology companies. In order to attract more quality candidates, IT firms are creating fun and casual work environments, which tend to work well with technology pros. Additionally, companies are offering benefits like company-sponsored wellness centers, free food and drinks, daycare services, and more.

Security and application development IT jobs. The movement towards a more secure future for the Internet and the billions of people who use it, coupled with worldwide military activity, has led to higher than average numbers of jobs in information security. Add to that the demand for custom experiences in everything from mobile phones to social media and the rise in the demand for software “apps” developers is exploding.

If you are searching for a great job in the Information Technology market, there’s never been a better time to get in touch with a progressive IT staffing and recruitment firm like Venteon. Contact us today for more information and resources to launch your IT career in 2012.



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