Still Having Trouble Finding a Job? 5 Ways a Venteon Recruiter Can Help You Get a Job Over Your Competition

If you’ve been searching for work for any length of time, then you know how frustrating it can become. With all the career portals, resume and job websites, and an ever growing number of unemployed candidates vying for the same few assignments. This is especially true when it comes to industry specialties and careers in growing fields, where the competition is fierce. It’s not easy to find a job today, and so you have to have the right strategy to find the best assignments – they are out there if you know how to find them.

One of the best ways to find a top level assignment is to work with a professional staffing agency or recruiter. Not only do you have the insight and guidance of a qualified employment specialist, but you have the support you need to find a good job faster. Read on to learn more how a recruiter or staffing agency can help you make your career dreams a reality.

  • Recruiters know what companies are looking for. Have you ever wondered if you have the skills that area employers are actually looking for, and this may be why you have not found the right job? It’s very possible that you have not been presenting your skills in the best light, or have not been targeting jobs that are worthy of your skills. Stop spinning your wheels and take the time to get a recruiter to evaluate your skill set and get you in front of employers who will offer you the best opportunities to use your talent.
  • Staffing agencies have access to unadvertised jobs. It has been said that only about 20% of the actual available jobs out there are advertised, even in this day and age with online career websites. Oftentimes, employers rely on referrals from existing employees, or a trusted staffing agency/recruiter to find suitable candidates for open assignments. Without being registered to work through an agency, you are likely missing out on a huge number of jobs that are never advertised.
  • Recruiters can “sell” you to potential employers. A big part of finding a great job is being able to promote yourself in a positive and proactive way. This can seem a little demeaning, especially if you are a seasoned professional and have never had to do this before, But take heart, as it is your recruiter’s job to do this for you in a big way, so you are hyped up to candidates before you even walk in the door for an interview.
  • Staffing agencies offer additional career services. Outside of general job placement, did you know that many staffing agencies and recruiters offer additional services to help you be more successful with your job search? Staffing agencies often offer classes on resume writing, personal skills development and even interview preparation. Ask your recruiter at Venteon for more information on how you can best utilize your experience with our agency.
  • Recruiters provide helpful feedback. Perhaps one of the most helpful aspects of working with a recruiter or staffing agency is the ability to find out how you are doing in your efforts to find a job. Whether you need to brush up your resume, interview skills or personal appearance, you can count on your recruiter to give you honest and constructive feedback, because he or she wants you to be successful.

Want to be a more successful job hunter? Look to the staffing and recruitment professionals at Venteon today for support with your career search.

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