5 Ways to Reduce Turnover in Young IT Employees

If you’ve noticed a higher number of young IT employees leaving your company for others, then you may be experiencing “Millennial turnover”. These are employees in their twenties and early thirties who seem to get bored easily and tend to move on to what is perceived to be better opportunities. While you can’t stop all young IT employees from jumping ship, you can make things more interesting and rewarding. After all, the IT professionals of today have some of the best talent in the industry, so your company can lead the way to a bright future for all by retaining them.

Here are 5 ways to reduce turnover in young IT employee, and keep them productive.

Value young employees’ ideas. Millenials, and other young employees, react positively to having their ideas taken seriously by senior members of the IT team. They are a highly creative bunch who thrives on an environment where their work is valued. Take the time to ask for input on IT projects as often as possible, to keep your younger IT professionals engaged and focused on end results.

Maintain a fun, casual work environment. No employee wants to work in a stale environment all day, so consider the way you have your work teams set up. Freshen things up with a modern, fun office alternative with plenty of team building activities. Loosen up dress codes and allow for casual attire, to cut down the intimidation levels.  This helps keep your younger IT workers inspired and creative so they can flourish, and gives them a reason to come back every day.

Provide timely feedback. Younger employees thrive on continual feedback, both positive and negative. Take the time to review projects and processes with your younger IT employees on a regular basis, with guidance on how to become better. Match younger IT employees with more seasoned employees to provide ongoing mentoring and feedback opportunities, and you will likely see greater retention for the long term.

Create attractive incentives. There is a huge demand for quality IT employees today, and younger candidates know this. Therefore, they generally focus on companies that can give them the best incentives as well as experiences in this industry. Take a look at your company’s current offerings to see if there are additional incentives needed to attract and retain young IT professionals.

Keep the workplace healthy. One of the things that many younger IT workers enjoy is an active social lives. However, many spend too much time partying and then come to work feeling ill. To keep your younger IT workers productive and on board, encourage healthy lifestyles and attitudes both on and off the job. In this way, you can retain your best IT staff, and help them find a happier balance.

Want more ideas to make your workplace more appealing, and productive to reduce turn-over in young IT employees? Consult with the career and staffing experts at Venteon today!

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