Happy Holidays from Venteon!

Venteon would like to wish all of our clients and associates a warm Holiday Season! It has been a great year, with many new companies that have decided to allow us the privilege of placing high quality candidates into brand new part time, full time and contract assignments. This has created hundreds of new jobs for deserving candidates. We could not do this without all of you!

We know that at this time of year, many folks are making plans to spend time with friends and family, while some are using this time to conduct a job search. This is also a great time for hiring managers to start making plans to bring on new people in 2012. For these reasons, we decided we wanted to take a moment to give candidates some tips for a successful job search during the holiday break.

Re-vamp your resume. While everyone else is enjoying fruit cake and singing Christmas carols, why not take the time in quiet moments to carefully update your resume? Look for things that may be missing since the last time you reviewed it, give it a new format, and freshen up your accomplishments so that it will stand out as you start distributing it to employment opportunities.

Get yourself out there. Oftentimes at this time of year, people tend to withdraw from the world, especially those who are down about being unemployed. Don’t let the holiday blues get you in a funk – instead get yourself out there and start networking with as many people as possible. You never know who may know someone who is hiring for the New Year, so put yourself in the best possible position to be in the right place at the right time.

Consider part time. There may not be as many full time jobs right now, but during the holidays there are plenty of part time assignments. This is because companies need temps to fill in for full timers who take time off, or to replace workers who have decided to move onto to new jobs for the upcoming season. There are also more jobs in retail and customer service this time of year than at any other time of the year. Part time often leads to full time.

Choose contract work. Another great option for boosting your job search during the holiday season is to get registered to work on exciting assignments with a staffing agency like Venteon. There are many ways to fill in for people who are on vacation, or to supplement staff at upcoming assignments with companies ready to hire.

Take advantage of this time of year and get signed up for great part time, full time, temporary and contract assignments with Venteon!

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