How a Staffing Company Leverages New Technology to Find You the Best Financial Candidates

Recruiting today is an exciting field to be in, particularly because of modern hiring technology that has made it more effective than ever before to find great candidates. In the past, good candidates only came by way of referrals and exhausting hours of searching through networks. Now, staffing agencies have millions of candidates accessible through a wider array of channels. The best staffing agencies use these technologies to find great finance and accounting candidates for the benefit of their clients.

Let’s review just how professional staffing companies leverage new technology to find you the best finance and accounting candidates today.

Resume Directories and Scanners – Once viewed as a negative thing by some, resume directories and scanning software have evolved into being the tools of the trade for many recruiters. Resume directories and scanners help recruiters focus on the right candidates who have certain skill sets and backgrounds suitable for specific finance and accounting assignments. This makes it easier to match the right candidate to the right job.

Niche Career Websites – Job seekers today are everywhere on career websites hoping to land the right opportunity, which presents a challenge for recruiters trying to narrow down their list to specific skillsets. To get around this issue, recruiters searching for finance and accounting candidates can use niche career websites and online applications to screen candidates in advance.

Online Networks and Social Media – There has been a rapid growth of social activity online in the form of online networks and social media in the past several years. This has become a major tool for recruiters, especially with the addition of new recruiting and applications found on LinkedIn. Recruiters today use online networks to gather referrals for accounting and finance candidates, browse through social networking profiles, and invite candidates to apply for jobs online.

Applicant Testing and Screening Tools – Since many recruiting firms are under tight time and budget constraints, the task of testing and screening candidates can be handled by online applications. Most of the time, this is either done on the recruiting website or the contract company’s employment website. This separates the serious finance and accounting candidates from the casual job seeker, producing a higher caliber of candidate.

When looking for the best candidates for fill finance and accounting roles, your best bet is to work with a professional staffing agency like Venteon. We have the resources and networks available to help you find the right person for the job, all by use of the latest hiring technology.

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