The Current State of the IT Industry and High Tech Hiring

The technology industries have traditionally been a bright spot in hiring of workers even in weak economic times. New innovations combined with increased consumer demand for high tech goods bring continued positive productivity to companies. The increasingly supportive role new technical equipment provides for all different industries has expanded. The internet has become a platform for marketing, commerce, and business to business relationships.

There are changes occurring in the landscape of hiring for the information technology fields.  Many local areas try to emulate the success of Silicon Valley by attracting high tech firms. Competition for technology jobs is increasing from other countries that have improved technical schools and education programs.

A Bright Spot

The IT and high tech industries have been usually seen demand for positions each year. ( Continued growth in the field and constant change bring the need for trained, skilled people to the industry.  For some companies certain occupations like senior software engineers, data analysts, Web designers and application developers are rare and in demand. These jobs are traditionally high paying, secure positions. Even in an economic slump, these positions are still needed.

A Political Force

The demand for positions and the success of areas like California’s Silicon Valley has prompted economically depressed local areas to try and attract high tech industries and firms.  Austin Texas has drawn technology companies because a high quality of life and low cost of living. Albany, NY has seen  growth through nanotechnology  with investments of private companies and government funding. This local interest has also brought high tech firms into politics at national, state, and local levels.   (  High tech companies and new technology start-ups are considered an area of hope for some regions economically. These firms may become involved more than just in economic development.

Foreign Competition

The manufacturing industry had been hit hard for years from jobs being outsourced to other countries. Some analysts wonder if the same thing could happen in the IT industries. Cuts in aid to public university programs could decrease the pool of qualified candidates in employers in  technology fields can recruit from. (  Other countries such as India however are seeing continued job growth due to innovation.(  U.S. companies can now draw on an international pool of talent in these fields. How this affects hiring trends in the future has yet to be seen.

High technology fields are continuing to see continued growth and hiring trends reflect it. However, this growth has brought local, national, and international interests and issues into the matter. As technology becomes more prevalent in people’s lives, it will affect other aspects as well.

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