Make Your Performance Evaluation Process for Engineering Employees as Painless as Possible

In most technology firms, every year, comes the standard performance review for all engineering employees. While this can be a somewhat nerve-wracking process, filled with dread on both sides of the fence, it doesn’t have to be. Annual reviews for engineers, while more technical in scope, can be a good time to identify strengths and abilities in core personnel to take on bigger projects.

First, realize that there is no one perfect way to conduct a performance evaluation for engineers or other employees, nor is there one perfect software. However, there are some performance evaluations that are more geared towards the nature of the work that engineers do. Look for a performance evaluation solution that is geared towards the project results and team efforts that most engineers engage in at work, rather than systems that have to do with sales numbers.

Secondly, consider that engineers have a wide range of project goals to meet throughout the year, so this is difficult to measure in terms of success. Rather than focus on actual goals in the performance evaluation, consider focusing on other valid skills such as ability to organize, lead teams and time management. These are the most critical aspects of being a successful engineer, and so an employee evaluation system can be better utilized by narrowing down the skills and traits in successful technology professionals in order to be meaningful.

Also, try to consider that time is a precious aspect of being an engineer; therefore the employee evaluation process should be as efficient as possible. Use an online employee evaluation system, with a brief meeting to go over results and goals for the coming year. Instead of having engineers fill out multiple forms, narrow down the questions to a set of three main areas that are pertinent to the job. Include at least one workable goal for the upcoming annual period to keep it simple.

Remember to keep all employee evaluations confidential and fair for all engineers as well as other employees. Never give one person special treatment due to past project performance, but rather look for ways to measure this performance as fairly as possible. Set reachable goals for all employees and make sure that support is put in place to make this feasible.

Consider the advantages of using Venteon to provide all your top engineering staff and conducting employee evaluations, to streamline this process and produce better long term project results.

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