How to Turn a Temporary IT Assignment into a Permanent Position

If you are looking for ways to turn your Information Technology temp job into a permanent career with a great company, there are several ways to strategically handle this. The sooner you start looking at your IT career as being in your control, the better you will be when choosing assignments that help to meet long term goals. In fact, a recent article in USA Today indicated that as many as 5% of new positions with big IT firms will start out as temporary assignments while the economy recovers.

To position yourself for the best possible permanent IT opportunity, work with a reputable IT staffing company to get on board with the best IT companies in the industry. Then you can take these 4 steps to get permanent placement.

Communicate You Want a Permanent IT Job. This is something many temps are either afraid to do , but if you truly want to turn your temp job into a perm one, you must speak up. Let your recruiter know you have a desire for permanent placement in a prominent IT company. Since many IT workers are happy to take on temporary jobs or project work, do not assume that the recruiter understands this need. Also, don’t automatically think the temp job will become permanent. Communicate your request for a perm job often so that when the time comes for your contract to expire, you will be thought of for a perm spot.

Blend in With the Corporate Culture from Day One. From the very first day you start your new IT assignment, be a keen observer and find ways to become part of the corporate culture, and fast! Ask relevant questions, get to know your future co-workers, and learn as much as you can about the company founders and mission. Dress like the perm employees, engage in meetings and other company events. Find a way to conform to the corporate goals and become an invaluable member of the team. Once your contract is ready for renewal, you will have already established yourself as the person the company needs.

Keep Your IT Skills Up to Date. Use your time as a temp IT employee wisely and learn all you can about the work at hand. Take online IT courses, participate in webinars and use training that the company provides to further educate yourself. Keep your IT skills and credentials fresh to be a more effective worker. The more you invest in yourself through your experience on IT temp assignments and continual education, the better you will be in terms of landing a great perm job.

Treat Your IT Assignment as a Real Job. Many times, IT temps do not respect the work they do on a daily basis, considering a temp job as not a “real job”. This can lead to slacking and poor performance, which ultimately leads to termination. Instead, take your IT job seriously and show up for work on time and prepared every day. Be proactive and seek out more challenging work. Ask for responsibilities you can handle with ease. If you treat  your IT temp assignment as a real job, fairly soon it will become your perm job.

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