Using Phone Interviews to Narrow Down Accounting Candidates

Conducting telephone job interviews for accounting candidates can increase your success rate in finding the best fit for each assignment. Not only is this a good way to better screen accounting job applicants, but this tactic is growing in popularity with recruiters as a way to more efficiently handle the often time-consuming interview process. Before you start using telephone interviews, be sure to conduct them based on the principles that accounting professional should have, not on general phone interview practices.

Here’s what you need to know about interviewing accounting candidates by phone.

Use a secure landline to conduct the phone interview. As you prepare to do a telephone-screening interview with accounting candidates, be sure to use a landline from a quiet office environment. Avoid the common pitfalls of using cell phones to make the call, which can be easily interrupted. Never call the candidate at their current job to do a phone interview.

Allow ample time to do the phone interview. Schedule the telephone-screening interview in advance with the candidate. Make the call promptly at the given time, and stick to a specific period in which to talk with the client. Do not rush the candidate; rather give the candidate the proper amount of time to answer each question.

Ask the right interview questions for accounting candidates. Before you make the telephone screening call, be sure to prepare a list of relevant interview questions that are specifically geared towards the responsibilities of the assignment. Stay away from general interview questions, and use those that get to the root of the candidate’s skills and background in accounting.

Observe non-physical responses during the interview. With a telephone interview, you won’t have the advantage of a face-to-face meeting, and you won’t be able to evaluate the candidate based on body language. However, you will be able to “observe” verbal queues, as well as how well the candidate responds to your questions.

Follow-up with a personal interview. Once you have narrowed down the accounting candidates who possess the skills and experience you need, it’s time to set up a personal in-office interview. Use this time wisely, and be sure to re-ask any questions for which you need more information from the candidate. Having completed a phone screening, you will be ready with questions that will help you find the right candidate for the job.

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