Where is the Talent? Why it’s Difficult Finding Professional Candidates on Your Own

Despite higher than average unemployment rates around the USA; it’s often challenging to find the best professional job candidates to fill assignments. Oftentimes this difficulty forces organizations to choose less than stellar job seekers just to have a “warm body” in place. However, this method completely backfires in most cases, with poor productivity and high turnover rates the result of poor hiring decisions.

Why is it so hard to find good talent these days? It may not be so much about the candidates, but the way in which you handle your recruiting practices. Here we will give you some reasons why your recruiting efforts are falling far short of your goals, and how to remedy this.

Poorly written job descriptions. One glaring mistake that many companies make is not creating accurate job descriptions for every type of assignment. This must be done in order to attract the right kinds of candidates who will be more closely matched with the duties of each job.

Posting job advertisements incorrectly. There is a certain skill to writing effective help wanted advertisements, which should not be taken lightly. This is the first impression you will give to potential candidates, so write them in line with the job requirements and make sure they meet EEOC guidelines to avoid discriminatory hiring practices.

Inadequate interviewing skills. Once you have candidates available, do you know how to effectively interview them to make sure they have the right stuff for the job? If not, then you are falling short in your recruiting practices. Interviews can be tough to handle on your own, so leave this to the experts.

Lack of screening resources. Do you have an employee screening process in place to test candidates’ knowledge and skills pre-hire? If not, then you could be ending up with candidates who have outdated skills, or those who are not able to get into the flow of things for weeks at a time. This can seriously affect workplace productivity levels.

Forgetting background checks. Without careful background screening policies in place, you have the potential for disaster. All candidates should be criminal background checked, as well as drug tested. Additionally, career references should be checked thoroughly because candidates are not always what they seem; some even lie on their resumes.

No onboarding strategy. Once you make a hiring decision, what are the next steps in place to make sure new hires have a good experience? Chances are you just match new employees up with more experienced employees, which only sets them up for frustration and learning bad work habits.

Not partnered with staffing agency. If you are not currently working with a quality staffing agency, like Venteon, you are probably going to continue to struggle with the challenges of finding the best candidates for your company. You can actually cut costs and time that it takes to find great employees when you work with Venteon to manage your workforce needs.

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