Engineering Hiring is up!

Let Venteon Help you Hire the Best Engineering Candidates Before Your Competition Does

Searching for qualified candidates for engineering assignments? The market is about to become a tougher place to find them. Recent figures from trusted hiring trend sources indicate that there are shortages in engineers available for work, while the demand has gone up significantly over the last 90 days.

If your company needs engineers, here are some things to start paying attention to so you can position yourself for success.

According to the most recent data from WANTED Analytics, a reliable source of real time business analytics in the recruiting industry, there has been a recent spike of almost 10% in the advertisement demand for engineers in major cities across the USA. These areas include Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit, Houston and Chicago. For recruiters trying to position their organizations to attract the best engineering candidates, it’s going to be increasingly challenging to find experienced engineers across all industries over the coming quarter.

The largest demand for engineers included industrial engineers, which made up more than one-third of all the advertisements for engineers. This is actually a good sign that the economy and building is picking up around the nation. The increase in job ads seeking industrial engineers amounted to approximately 42,000 new positions, and increase of 17% from last year’s figures, with mechanical engineers and electrical engineers trailing closely behind at 13% and 9% respectively.

Nationally, there are some 16 engineering candidates available for each engineering job ad, with Detroit offering the least eligible candidates of 13 for every job and Los Angeles providing 22 qualified candidates for every engineering assignment. It’s natural that larger cities that have been affected by higher than average unemployment numbers, plus those in technology sectors would provide greater access to readily available engineering candidates. However, this still poses a challenge for companies trying locate the best candidates from an ever-shrinking pool.

It’s clear that in order to have the advantage over your competitors, your best course of action is to contract with a staffing agency that specializes in recruiting and placing highly qualified engineers. Venteon is your source for finding the best engineering candidates for exciting, key roles within your organization. With the support of our experienced team of recruiters, you can easily position your company as the employer of choice for the best engineers. The future of America is in your hands, so be sure to hire the best engineers for the job.

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